Hungarian National Trading House opened offices in Namibia and Zambia - April 24, 2015

In harmony with the Hungarian Government’s foreign trade strategy manifested in the Open Towards South Policy, the Hungarian National Trading House (HNTH) opened trade house offices simultaneously in two African countries Zambia and Namibia showing exceptional economic progress. As a result, high quality Hungarian products and related services will be available in those two target markets.

As business relations used to be superficial, the launch of foreign trade cooperation projects is a milestone in the relation of Hungary and these two African countries producing dynamic growth.

The dynamic growth witnessed over the last decade primarily came from copper mining, expansion of agriculture, and the largest subsurface drinking water base in Zambia, and from special natural conditions in Namibia, and by now they have become potential export markets for Hungarian export products and related services, sow seeds, technologies for husbandry and plant cultivation, cold stores, medical devices, and other products for light industry.

HNTH Deputy General Manager Gábor Kun said ‘I am certain Zambia and Namibia soon will play a leading role in the region’s economy, and therefore the presence and availability of Hungarian products in the forthcoming period is of strategic importance for Hungary, especially considering that not only Hungary, but also the European Union as well as China have also realized the export potentials of these two countries!’

Upon opening the two trade houses high-level negotiations commenced to address, among other matters, to renew wildlife management structure in Zambia using Hungarian know-how, to build a pig farm for 5000 pigs and a related training farm, slaughterhouse, meat-processing and packing plant, and a local communal development programme. In addition, there are further plans to build granaries, silos, artificial fertilizer plants, a sales and industrial zone in Nakonde, and to export agricultural equipment, Hungarian food products, medical devices, and medicines.

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