Primus Mineral Water opens high-end show room in Shanghai

Primus Mineral Water may solidify its export market position as it opens high-end show room in Shanghai, China’s business capital.

Primus Mineral Water and the Hungarian National Trading House have worked hard in recent years in order to explore export opportunities for Hungarian mineral waters on Eastern markets. As a result of their cooperation, the first specialised show room for Hungarian mineral water opened on 15 May 2017 in Shanghai, one of China’s most developed and foremost cities. The next goal is to establish premium  Hungarian mineral water among Chinese consumers. 

The Shanghai Primus Center was officially opened on Nanjing Road, in the heart of the city. From now on, the show room allows Chinese distributors and investors to get acquainted with the premium category Hungarian product that is also crucial for health purposes, to purchase it, and to represent world famous and sought-after Hungarian mineral waters.

Comprehensive professional support from the Trading House

Primus Mineral Water entered the Chinese market with the professional backing of the Hungarian National Trading House. The company learnt about the tricks of entering external markets and gained up-to-date market information in the framework of the organisation’s export development training scheme known as MNKH Export Academy. Their subsequent participation at the Ningbo trade fair was a breakthrough for Primus. 

“The Trading House’s export and business development trainings provided answers to all the questions concerning exporting activities, from branding, effective participation at trade shows, external market risks and business culture to negotiating techniques. Our success in China was founded at a trade fair that was organised by the Hungarian National Trading House, and our introduction to this market would not have been successful without all the practical knowledge we picked up from the Export Academy”, László Regőczi, Manager of Bonaventura Kft. said.

At the official opening of the show room, Gábor Kun, Deputy Chief Executive of the Hungarian National Trading House stressed that “Hungarian companies are entering the Chinese market in a favourable setting, with Hungarian-Chinese economic relations growing rapidly and Hungarian exports to the country expanding by more than 30% between 2012 and 2016. The success of Primus could serve as an example and open the way for other Hungarian companies too, considering that premium category quality Hungarian products are very much in demand.”

Following the opening event at the Park Hotel designed by László Hugyecz, Bonaventura Kft, the manufacturer of Primus mineral water, signed several cooperation agreements with Chinese partners, which is expected to provide Primus with a stable framework for further market expansion. 

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