Hungary Eyeing Enhancement of Hungarian Companies Presence in Albania

Ambassador of Hungary to Tirana declared that the economic relations between Hungary and the Republic of Albania are improving but there is still a great potential in strategic sectors like the food and non-food industry

For Hungary the Balkan region represents a real business potential. The logistical advantages deriving from geographical closeby, the recent huge improvement of export results and the increasing interest of Hungarian enterprises in the region has shown that it is worth paying more attention to the business activity in this part of the world. For this reason, the representative team of the Hungarian National Trading House (HNTH was established to support the export expansion activity of Hungarian small and medium-size enterprises) has arrived in Tirana with the purpose of conducting business meetings with Albanian market leading companies, which could be potential partners in the process of strengthening the commercial relations between the two countries.

H.E. Antal Heizer, Ambassador of Hungary to Tirana, declared that the economic relations between Hungary and the Republic of Albania are improving but there is still a great potential in strategic sectors like the food and nonfood industry. “It is our common interest to establish new grounds for our bilateral economic relations. Let me give an example: it is an interesting fact that even before the ’90, we had the Hungarian chickens, Pula Hungareze, imported from Hungary and still everyone remembers the quality of this product. What we are trying to do now is, to rebuild the relations, this “trademark” and further strengthen them,” he declared.

According to the Ambassador, Hungary’s main goal is to increase the currently low volume of commercial trade; enhance the presence of Hungarian companies in Albania; realize substantive Hungarian investment in Albania. He said that recently, several concrete governmental measures were taken in order to develop the economic relations between two countries where he mentioned the opening of a Honorary Consulate in Shkodra, North Albania (October 2014), the fact that Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has delegated a trade attaché to Tirana (in February 2015), the Chambers of the two countries’ organized a business forum on the margins of the JEC session in May 2015; and as in previous years, it is planned the participation of Hungarian companies at the International Trade Fair in November.

“Currently the trade representative office in Albania is in a market research and study phase, but the Albanian companies are able to make contact with the Hungarian National Trading House through the Hungarian Embassy in Tirana and the foreign trade attaché there or via direct contact with the HNTH regional and industry specialists, who are at the disposal of the interested parties and the contact details of which are available on the website. We can expect to reach mutual success in the main economic sectors of Albania, such as agriculture, energy, food, light industry and different fields of production technology,” the Ambassador declared.

Since the SME sector research has shown that the main obstacle of export market penetration of the local enterprises is not capital, but lack of foreign trade knowledge and export market information, the Hungarian National Trading House provides interested companies with services to address these issues and fill the gap. In the framework of company-personalized service package, it generates concrete business partners and supplies detailed market information from the target markets. In addition, HNTH organizes trainings that teach the business culture, market demands of the given country or region and helps local SME’s with consulting services. 

The HNTH activity does not end with target market demand identification and business partner generation. In the framework of services linked to export market sales, HNTH accompanies its partner companies along the whole trade process. The Hungarian National Trading House considers its main objective to create primarily such a business and commercial network outside of EU, which stands on an economic diplomacy base and serves as a bridge between Hungarian and foreign companies, by creating concrete business opportunities for the Hungarian companies.

The Hungarian National Trading House network covers almost the whole world. Currently it has local trade representative offices in 4 continents and 29 countries, the number of which is continuously rising. In the near future there is a plan to open new trade houses in the Carpathian basin and South- American regions. The local trading houses established in the given target countries allow to accomplish the measurement of given market demands and the exploration of potential business opportunities from the perspective of Hungarian companies.

The Hungarian National Trading House offers its services not only to Hungarian companies. Through the help provided to its foreign partners HNTH participates in the whole commercial transaction process, by reducing the risk and overcoming expectable business difficulties. Its wide network of contacts and international business database, which covers thousands of small and medium-size enterprises from different industry sectors, allow to handle various projects.

Source: Albanian Daily News

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