Hungarian innovation applied at Southwork Engineering&Robotics Competition

The innovativ product of the Hungarian company, VengIT Kft., has been selected for one of the official tool of the next year edition of Southwork Engineering&Robotics Competition.

The SmartBrick (SBrick), one of the new prodcuts of the Hungarian start up has been developed to make LEGO® toys smarter. The gadget enables remote control of LEGO® Power Functions® via mobile phone or tablet. The connection between the 2 devices is ensured by Bluetooth® technology. Thanks to the tool kids can get familiar with the basics of computer programming.

The educational tool has been presented to the Southworks competition organisers’ with the help of the Hungarian National Trading House’s Chicago office. After having purchased and tested the product the Competition’s leaders were fully convinced by the innovative features. The SBrick will be incorporated into the official toolkit of the 2018’s spring edition, provided to all participating teams.

Following this first order VengIT can expect a rising demand on the US market as the Southwork program targets in the same time companies, teachers and students in the field of robotics and electronics.

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