Hungarian companies are competitive on the Iraqi market.

Hungarian companies active in the food industry, agriculture, water processing, mechanical engineering and the energy industry are competitive on the Iraqi market.

According to MNKH Deputy CEO Gábor Kun, trade relations between the two countries should be further developed, not least because many products on the European market are of strategic importance for Iraq, while the potential of the country with a population of 40 million is evident for Hungarian businesses. In addition, Iraq could potentially form a bridge towards other Eastern countries, he noted.

Among the areas of possible cooperation, the deputy CEO mentioned the food industry, agriculture, water processing, mechanical engineering and the energy industry, areas where Hungarian companies have good references on the European markets. 

Gábor Kun welcomed the fact that the business forum was attended by more than 80 companies, including 30 from Iraq. He told guests that MNKH opened its Iraq representation in 2014, and it is operated by Orient River Kereskedőház Kft, which is gathering Iraqi demands and finding partners for Hungarian companies.

Four Continents, Sixty Countries

The Hungarian National Trading House has offices in almost 60 countries over four continents, which work towards increasing the export capacity of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises and promoting their business activities overseas. In the year 2016 only, MNKH facilitated the presence of over 800 SMEs at 86 trade shows.

Source: Profit7

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