Growing international demand for Hungarian food products

The Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH) fully supports Hungarian manufacturers on the international markets.

Thanks to its geographic location, climate and the applied advanced technologies and know-how Hungary’s agriculture is outstanding not only in the Central European region but worldwide as well. In order to keep their position Hungarian agricultural manufacturers and service providers must identify new gaps on the international markets.

The goal of MNKH is to enable the industry players to achieve further success on foreign markets. To do so it has adjusted its services available for Hungarian enterprises established within or outside of the country’s borders.

Export promotion services for Hungarian companies

Through its head office and regional offices, MNKH facilitates the market entry of Hungarian companies in almost 60 countries. The branches abroad detect the current demand of the market then the advisors based Hungary identify the most successful companies able to supply their products and services in the given country. With the contribution of the Turkish office, for example, Turkey’s one of the largest distributors has signed a 1,1 million EUR value framework agreement with a Hungarian manufacturer of canned and non-perishable food. Prior signing the contract MNKH has organised for the Turkish party meetings with several Hungarian producers including visits to their factories.

The example of the successful Hungarian companies can open borders for further products and services in Turkey and in other developing Eastern markets and in the same time it proves that the Hungarian products’ quality meets the international standards. – said Oláh Zsanett, CEO of MNKH.

Success in the neighbourhood

One shouldn’t only focus to the markets far away but it be worth looking at the opportunities in the neighbouring countries as well. With the help of MNKH’s representation office in Arad, the distributor of various dried fruits, seeds and other unprocessed food products has started its activity on the Romanian market. The representation office has provided market research, legal support and conducted targeted partner search. Thanks to these services the products are already available countrywide at the petrol stations of OMV and in the near future will be listed in the supermarkets of Auchan.

Through its services MNKH contributes to the Hungarian companies’ success abroad. For the success the main tasks remain with the company but MNKH makes accessible all necessary information, tools, and know-how to minimise their risk.

source: Lokál

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