Enhancing Hungarian-Israeli cooperation

At the occasion of the official visit of Israeli Prime Minister to Budapest, the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH) organised bilateral business forum with the participation of hundreds of companies. Both Prime Ministers, Benjamin Netanjahu and Orbán Viktor were present during the B2B meetings.

The event perfectly reflected the wide spectrum of cooperation areas between the two countries. Key players of the leading industries (agriculture, renewable energy, machinery, building, ICT) met to explore joint business opportunities.

“Hungary’s economic relationship with Israel has been fast developing in the past years. Meanwhile there are many areas, such as innovative technologies, water management and food industries, where further mutual success could be achieved. The aim of this Forum is to explore these areas and enable Hungarian companies to win new markets.” – said Kun Gabor, vice-president of MNKH.

The bilateral meetings were accompanied by presentations of Israeli market and business culture.

Strengthening economic relationship

The good relationship between the two countries positively impacts the economic exchanges as well. Between 2013 and 2016 the trade volume between the two countries has grown from 114,9 billion forint to 147,5 billion forint, meanwhile the Hungarian export volume has reached the 101,2 billion forint.

Through its complex export development and promotion services the Hungarian National Trading House also contributes to the success of the Hungarian enterprises on the Israeli market. It supplies market information, business opportunities, potential business partners, organises bilateral business meetings, represents Hungarian companies at trade fairs and generates further opportunities for the national and international enterprises to meet in person. 

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